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Hi there! I'm an artist from the East of England.

I work with media such as; pencil, graphite, inks, acrylics, charcoals and digital media.

I like; art, computers, animals, cats, horses, video games, technology, slippers, mugs, courgettes, card games, collectables and tradables.

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    I had a great night out to see Terri Clark in the Boarderline, London last night. It was such a nice and relaxed atmosphere, which was surprising. She started off with I Just Wanna Be Mad, moving onto other songs from her previous albums such as; Girls Lie Too, No Fear, If You Want Fire, Breakin’ Up Thing, Poor Poor Pitiful Me, Now That I’ve Found You, Smile and wrapping up with Gypsy Boots.

    We had the pleasure of having Corby Lund play a couple of songs to open the show, not to mention that awesome song; Everything’s Better With Cows. Or somethin’, it was pretty ace. xD

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